This consists of scooping your yard weekly. I’ll also clean up any trash that may have blown in. Poop scoops start at $14 per visit weekly (depends on size of yard). If it has been a while since your yard has been scooped, the first visit will be $20 and then $14 every week after. 


Pet transporting consists of picking up your pet from your home, groomer, or vet. Transporting starts at $18 One way. I cannot promise an exact time of pick up. Price is also depending on distance of travel which will be determined during consult.

HOME CARE (w/o a pet)

Home care consists of a short visit to your home to bring in mail, newspapers, packages, etc. I’ll take any flyers off of your door. Turn lights on or off. I’ll do a quick walk through to make sure there’s no leaks or anything. I’ll make sure garage door is shut and doors are locked. Home care starts at $15. If plants need to be watered there will be an additional charge which will be determined during consult.


We take care of your pet in your home. Visits are roughly 25-30 mins. Which includes playtime, walking, feeding and picking up after your pet. Visits start at $18 for up to 2 pets. $2 for each additional pet. Cat care is $18 for up to 3 cats. $2 for each additional cat. Cat care consists of playtime, feeding and changing water and cleaning the litter box.


Daily dog walking consists of a 15-20 minute walk around the neighborhood,(depends on weather conditions and your dog), picking up after, and feeding. I’ll even bring in your mail and whatever packages are on your porch. There is no minimum number of dog walks. I can do a Mon.-Fri. schedule or just 1 day a week. Walks are $18 for up to 2 dogs. $2 for each additional dog. I will do special pricing for multi weeks paid in advance. 


Overnight pet care means we will stay at your home overnight so your pet doesn’t get lonely. The overnight will begin in the evening till morning time. If additional time is needed, a pet care visit will be added. Overnight visits start at $75 for up to 3 pets. Please give a good amount of notice, so arrangements can be made by the sitter. 


We offer multiple services for you to make sure your pet is well taken care of when you can’t be there, whether it’s that well deserved vacation, weekend getaway or just a happy hour after work.

We are bonded, insured and Red Cross pet first aid certified, so you know your pet and home are in good hands.